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Johns Story

Summary: Two prior accidents, the car rolled over AND the airbags deployed.

John wanted to help a friend find her first car and was excited that he had found this BMW with low miles. He owns a body shop and really thought he had asked all the right questions when buying this car. John wanted a safe car because his friend drives his son to school.

Even more of a reason to focus on a good, safe and reliable car. He even asked if the car was salvaged because he couldn't believe the used car dealer had such a nice car with low miles on their lot.

The dealer said “NO” and that the windshield had been replaced but nothing more.

When John received a letter from the National Automobile Safety Council, he was pretty shocked and upset. He was disappointed in himself for not seeing the true condition of the car. He said that things were making more sense now.

Once they picked up the car, certain things were happening that were not normal for a car of this year.

John said when he was driving on the freeway, the windshield was making a “whistling” noise. He had been told that the windshield was replaced but when he took it to a mechanic, the mechanic said “it was going to be difficult to align the windshield properly because the window frame of the car was crooked”.

John also discovered that one side of the car had 14" tires and the other side had 15" tires! He had to purchase new tires.

John discovered the overhead light in the car was not working. When he removed the light, he saw all the damage on the inside roof of the car and that it was all filled in with Bondo.

John also noticed that the dash had been replaced and painted. He said it looks like the dashboard was replaced, and painted to match the interior.

John realizes this all making sense now that he knows the true history of the car.