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Valerie buys a car

Valerie called to schedule a visit to buy a used car. She asked the dealer over the phone if the car had been in an accident, and was told “NO”. The dealer encouraged her to come during the evening time.

When she arrived, the dealer presented a car that was different then the one she had called about. Then she was forced to wait until dark, around 8 PM.

Then the dealer took her for a test drive, when she noticed the front end would shake and was told not to worry about it. She bought the car and drove home.

The next day, during the daylight, she noticed the bumber was loose, and the rear windows wouldn't work either.

Valerie called the dealer to complain that when she would stop the car, the engine would shake. The dealer explained “the spark plugs need to be replaced”.

She took it to her mechanic and they said it had parts that needed to be replaced such as motor mounts.

Valerie had her mechanic perform a more detailed inspection, whereupon he saw signs of the battery had exploded sometime in the past.

After calling the National Automobile Safety Council, she discovered the car had unibody damage, and was unsafe to drive.