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Why the Negative Reviews?

WHY NOT? Dealers and their lawyers will try anything to stop us from notifying defrauded consumers that they may be in danger. They have also tried filing frivolous law suits, and have even made personal threats against members of our company. The dealers are even going to the extent of posing as consumers and writing bad online reviews about our company. These dealers can't help themselves as they continue to lie and cheat everyone; even after they have been caught selling frame/unibody damaged vehicles to innocent consumers. When they write that we are a “scam” or that we are “stealing private information” they do so with no knowledge of the truth or the law. They are simply trying to protect themselves because they are worried about being caught. These dealers face civil and criminal liability in the event that those consumers whom they have defrauded are made aware of their actions.

The “Dirty Dealers,” as we call them, are making these efforts because we have uncovered the fraud that they continue to commit. Consumers like you have sued these dirty dealers and it's affecting the dealer's pocket book so, as you can imagine, they are not happy with us. Obviously, these dealers care more about money than anyone’s safety. If they cared about your safety, then they would tell you the truth about your damaged vehicle at the time of purchase. Instead, they have no problem placing the safety of you and your family in serious jeopardy.

Over the years, some of these dirty dealers have made millions of dollars selling frame or unibody damaged cars. They want to continue to make money, and thus hate our company for exposing their illegal practices. These dealers will continue to write false reviews, file lawsuits and make threats in order to try to stop us. But, no matter what they do, NASC will continue to protect consumers like you from dealers with deep pockets who defraud the American public out of greed.

Our pledge to you, the consumer:

You have the right to know what the dealer didn’t tell you. It is our right to contact you if we feel your safety is at risk. Hours of investigation have been put into the letters we send out. It is our job to not back down and to continue to fight for your rights. With your help, we believe we can put enough of these Dirty Dealers out of business that we actually change this corrupt industry for the better. 
WE WILL NOT STOP our efforts to inform consumers. 
We hope this puts your mind at ease as to why there are negative reviews about our company.